1. Register your application online - +

To help our prospective Members expedite the FXCH membership access, we have automated the collection of standard administrative and compliance information. Please contact us, to get access to our on-line questionnaire.
Please fill-in the online questionnaire and provide some standard corporate documentation.
Once completed, our Compliance Department will be informed of your application.

2. FXCH KYC screening - +

With a complete set of answers and documents, the FXCH Compliance Department will screen and approve new Members, validating that our KYC and AML checks are satisfied.

3. Sign Membership Agreement - +

The Membership Agreement is required to confirm that Members will abide by the Rules of the Clearing House.

4. Advise FXCH about counterparties/Exchange Fees and commercials - +

New Members may opt to trade on any participating Exchanges or directly with Member counterparties (e.g. direct dealing with Liquidity Providers).
FXCH needs to be advised of agreements in place, like fees and bilateral permissions.

5. Tech onboarding, credentials and API keys - +

FXCH Tech Operations division needs to prepare our systems to receive the new Member's trades. Depending on the venues concerned, various IDs, API keys and credentials may need to be created, shared and tested.

6. Account, Wallet creation and Funding - +

Prior to receive funding from a new Member, FXCH will create an account in the Clearing House systems. Banking instructions will be shared, and the Member will be invited to create its own self-custody Crypto Clearing wallet.

7. Test trade, STP flow and Settlement - +

New Members will be assisted to execute a test trade with each venue they wish to trade on. A full cycle including settlement will be required as a practical validation of the setup.

8. Sign-off by all parties - +

Official sign-off from all participants will be recorded and shared.

9. Go-Live - +

Trading on all validated venues can commence.